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Redefining Customer Engagement and Loyalty for B2C Marketers

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Cheetah Digital and Stellar Loyalty will redefine customer engagement and loyalty for B2C marketers, enabling them to create more relevant consumer experiences and drive greater revenue for their brands. The convergence of Stellar Loyalty's big data architecture with Cheetah Digital's Marketing Suite will provide marketers with an unprecedented, single platform solution with next-generation data management and superior cross-channel execution capabilities. Create meaningful relationships and deliver profitable outcomes Data is at the foundation of creating meaningful customer relationships. The Stellar Loyalty Consumer Relationship Cloud ingests demographic, behavioral, transactional and contextual data to receive millions of digital signals and creates real-time interaction profiles of each and every customer. When combined with the sophisticated segmentation and channel execution capabilities of the Marketing Suite, marketers can influence customer moments across mobile, email, social, web and in-store to deliver more relevant messages, campaigns and offers. Use actionable data to create loyal customers Cheetah Digital and Stellar Loyalty will provide marketers with an integrated, seamless loyalty and experience management feature set within the Marketing Suite set of offerings. Everything from acquisition, interactions and rewards for customers as brand ambassadors will be made available as part of the industry's most modern, flexible and one of a kind digital marketing platform. Capture valuable 1st party data/ Combine batch and streaming/event capabilities to capture and activate permission driven 1st party data to enrich messaging, offers, campaigns, promotions and new product introductions. Use precise segmentation/ Identify and create audiences to target your most loyal and profitable consumers, high potentials, infrequents, abandon cart, etc. Increase revenue opportunities/ Boost frequency and spend per consumer through POS, mobile order capture and payments, tailored promotions and targeted ads. Personalize every interaction/ With real-time consumer interaction profiles and location- aware services, easily personalize and target every interaction across all channels. Grow your consumer base/ Find and acquire high value new consumers by tapping into social networks and referrals, lookalike modeling, brand communities, and more effective co-sponsorships. Analyze engagement instantly/ Ready-to-use dashboards provide consumer profile, preference, and behavior insights for personalized campaigns, messages and offers. Get mobile quickly/ Create ready-to- run mobile apps for engagement and consumer transactions, to have custom branded mobile and web apps in days. REDEFINING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND LOYALTY FOR B2C MARKETERS About Cheetah Digital • Headquartered in Chicago, IL, with 25 offices across 13 countries. • Cheetah Digital is an enterprise cross- channel marketing technology company. • The Marketing Suite combines superior data management capabilities and cross-channel execution with in-house professional services expertise and dedicated support to help brands execute complex marketing programs at scale. About Stellar Loyalty • Stellar Loyalty provides marketers with an advanced loyalty and engagement solution spanning customer acquisition, engagement, transactions, and rewards. • The Stellar platform is the most sophisticated and modern loyalty and engagement software solution available today.

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