Manage Your Data

We have more access to data, more ability to manipulate this data, and really understand who is engaging what content. We are able to target media spend more effectively because of the Marketing Suite. 

We’ve been able to spend the same and get more.

– Marketing Suite Customer, 
Total Economic Impact (TEI) report by Forrester Consulting, 2017

Marketing Challenge: 

I can’t pull together all the marketing data I have.

My marketing may not be relevant without the whole story. 

We use several different solutions in our marketing stack, and we’re not bringing all that data together for use in our marketing. It’s hard to get to deeper customer engagement when we can’t react to customer activity that lives in another database.


Manage your data.

Consumers can interact with brands across multiple channels every day, and marketers have to collect, organize and maintain information about every interaction if they want to build lasting customer relationships.

With the Marketing Suite, you can ...

  • Collect and centralize all marketing data from any source or format, bringing a single view of your customers together across all marketing touchpoints 
  • Organize and structure all your marketing data visually so you can easily view and control high volumes of complex customer information
  • Easily create and modify tables and feeds so you can quickly adapt your database strategy to market needs without programming knowledge
Join global brands like Williams-Sonoma who use the Marketing Suite to take control of their data.
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