Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Marketing Challenge: 

Our customers interact with our brand across many touchpoints.

We don’t have a strategy to react and adapt to customer activity in the channels they prefer.

We use different teams and services to run campaigns on channels like mobile, social and web, so we don’t have full visibility into customer activity across every channel. As a result, we may be mailing customers on channels they don’t use and missing opportunities to engage with them on their terms.


Meet your customers where they are. 

Consumers can interact with brands across multiple channels every day, and marketers have to collect, organize and maintain information about every interaction if they want to build lasting customer relationships.

With the Marketing Suite, you can ...

  • Centralize your marketing operations and monitor customer activity across channels, providing real-time value to customers with context-aware campaigns.
  • Use the Program Designer to visually lay out customer experiences and create smart rules to automatically trigger interactions across channels like email, SMS, push and direct mail. 
  • Quickly create and adapt campaigns for any channel with reusable assets, including audience segments, content blocks and creative.
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